Ministry Assessment

Worship Simple will help you to evaluate your current position as a music/worship ministry. Helping you to recognize your ministries’ strengths and areas that could find improved. We do this by assessing the place each team member currently resides and their potential. Our desire is to encourage those willing to volunteer and use their gifts to glorify God by helping them find their own voice and unique place in the ministry.

We will also provide an assessment and evaluate both your audio/sound and media needs. Finding solutions that will fit your fellowship and budget. These will be helpful in streamlining and making more effective the use of your team and your ministry.

Seasoned Worship Leaders

Worship Simple provides skilled and seasoned hands-on worship leaders who have helped to build worship teams and worshipping communities for over the last several decades. Whether your fellowship is a multi-service congregation or intimate community-centered fellowship, Worship Simple is gifted to provide the right voice for your service.

Working together with your worship members, Worship Simple provides impactful, relevant, engaging worship mentoring, using today’s technologies and a balance of contemporary and traditional elements. Our goal and desire are to help walk you and your ministry through the pitfalls and frustrations of leading a live weekly worship event.

Our purpose and intent are to provide you with the most effective tools to help limit confusion to avoid hindrances for your team. Providing a productive and worshipful experience for your rehearsal and your worship service. These are accomplished by making available tools and instruction. Some of these tools include custom audio files. These are produced and recorded in the key and arrangement of the music being shared during your rehearsal and service by your worship team. We also provide customized chord charts to accompany our custom audio files. These are produced to help leave no question as to the completed arrangement of each song being presented by your worship team.

Coaching Your Worship Team

Providing instrument and vocal instruction is one of the many areas Worship Simple enjoys and thrives in helping worship teams. Our coaching approach helps to bring out the most of worship leaders and members. By allowing and encouraging teams to find their strengths and work on their areas of need. We find that team members are more open to working together and with one voice when they are all on the same page. We use tools to build and forge a cohesive, confident and connected worship ministry. These are done in both hands-on individual interaction and group instruction.  We encourage and coach worship team members to seek and desire excellence.

God’s Purpose For Worship 

Worship Simple’s approach focuses on the biblical principles God has already set forth in scripture for Spirit-filled, God-centered worship. We open up God’s Word to share why we worship, how we worship and what God’s desire and purpose is for His people when they come before Him in worship.

Areas We Cover: 

Why Do We Need To Worship?
Is Media Important In Worship?
“I’m A Good Musician. Isn’t That Enough For Worship?”
Do We Need To Sound Like Everyone Else?
What Should Happen During A Rehearsal?
Youth In Worship… Does It Matter?
The Life Of A Worshipper…
How Do We Find and Use The Resources We Already Have?
We Are A Large Mega Church. How Do We Connect?
We Are A Small Intimate Church. How Do We Connect?

And more…